Sunday, April 10, 2011

Banquets and Clubhouses

     Today, Bruce took our six daughters to the annual Father-Daughter Banquet. The theme was: "A Girl Worth Fighting For." Bruce and Emily were the guest speakers. We joked earlier that they should work-in a skit from the movie "Mulan," where the father tells Mulan that she is the greatest gift he could ever have. They prepared something different, and special.

     Bruce texted me some pictures from the banquet. I thought to myself that there should be more "Mother-Son" events. There used to be a Mother-Son Pancake Breakfast and Max and I went to it long ago.

     Here are some of the pictures from Bruce, and then a few of the boys on the farm. We made our own event: "Mother-Son Clubhouse." I'd forgotten that clubhouses and forts could be as much fun as banquets...

God Bless!

The Abbey Farm


  1. Suzy, what a beautiful log. You and your family are such an inspiration for me. I hope to see you when I pop into Leavenworth in May -- 3 QUICK trips. I love you.

    PS -- Ross, Josh and I did Vegas together. That was a mother-son experience we don't care to repeat. Even the boys thought the city was sleaze on overdrive.

  2. Love your comment, Penni! Thank you. Cannot wait to see you!!