Wednesday, June 29, 2011

High Ground

     The Abbey Farm sits about a mile west of the Missouri River Bluff. Over the last couple of weeks the river has risen and there is extensive flooding, primarily on the Missouri (East) side. The children are in awe of the swollen river, it's beauty--and the devastation of it's flooding. Beauty, yes. If I said that the pictures were of a giant lake, one would think they were gorgeous. The sight is humbling on many counts. Nature can only be "controlled" so much. Loss can occur in a matter of moments.

     Charlie Wagner grew up on the Abbey Farm in the 1930s and '40s. I have mentioned him before. Strong and stocky, lined and tanned, his blue eyes sparkle when he recalls memories from his childhood. His grandson has his eyes. He is in his twenties and is lean and strong from farming his other grandmother's land across the Missouri beside the levee. He moved his young family to the farm and has been taking care of his grandmother. We saw him recently.  He told us that the farm is flooded since the levee broke, but they had time enough to move the family into the house they still own in town. Despite great loss, he was thankful that they were all safe. He had neither an angry nor complaining tone in his voice. I felt great respect for the man.

     Marie and I drove around town again today. She had seen pictures, but when she stood on the bluff and looked out over the miles of flooded land she was speechless. Back in the car we prayed together as Jim played games happily on the "BabiPod." Life is just like that: there is a contrast of tragedy with ignorance, of suffering with love.  This flood has been devastating for some. Let's remember to pray for all those who are suffering or challenged by it, and for all tragedies occurring in the world. It may not halt a flood or stop an earthquake, but it can give strength, hope and grace.

          Think it doesn't make a difference? Well, what could it hurt? Prayer is good for the soul and for the world. I believe it makes all the difference.

God bless you,


The Abbey Farm


  1. Such beautiful and humbling photos. Prayer does make so much difference! It is nice to read from another large, blended family. I look forward to reading much more. Congratulations on the blog award!

  2. Andie,
    I feel the same. And I'm thrilled to find your blog. OK to share a link to it?