Sunday, November 15, 2015

Vive les Heroique!

       God bless the people of France. We Americans understand fairly well what they are going through. The French supported us after 9/11 and I have seen an outpouring of support from Americans toward France on social media.

       One meme circulating again is that of Mr. Rogers and his quote about how in times of tragedy his mother comforted him and taught him to "watch for the heroes," for those who do great good. They are more prolific, really, than those who do harm.

       The sad part is that the harm was done, and harm will continue to occur in life. I recently watched a show where a character was trying to help a woman through the fear of repeated sorrow in her life. She'd lost a husband, almost lost a serious boyfriend and didn't know if she could go through it again. She was told by this character that she must go on, because with life comes sadness, but it must be lived.

       Having survived many losses, I know I do not want to go through another. I dread it. But I know that God has gotten me through this far and will do so again. I don't know what the big picture is, but I trust that he does.

       During and after 9/11 there were so many stories of heroism and support. Our country came together like no other in my lifetime. We must all do that, wherever we live. We must come together and support, and be the heroes we can be--even in our limited circles. Like Mrs. Rogers to her son.

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